Currently, Mason has only published one book. Upon Waking is her first, but hopefully not last, published works. She is currently working on the second novella of the series.

Upon Waking was published in January 2013.

This novella follows the reawakening of Tessa Rake, as she begins her life anew as a youngling vampire. She quickly learns that being immortal doesn't make life any easier. Men are still as confusing as ever and now she has two, very determined brothers chasing after her.

A novella of roughly 30,500 words, this story is the first of many to come.



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  1. Great book! I heard about it from a lady i work with. She knows your grandma who was pretty proud you had published a book. I thought i would check it out as i love vampires and pretty much anything paranormal. Plus i like to support local authors. Can't wait for your next book!

  2. Well thank you! Thank you very much! I worked really hard on it and it is still hard to believe that I published anything at all! Currently at work on book #2 and can't to get it out there, either! Hope you keep reading! :)